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Naxhelet is the somewhat crazy project of Françoise and Bernard Jolly; located on the banks of the Mehaigne, in a natural setting whose biotope hosts a diversified fauna and flora.

Settled in Wanze in 1986, they got wind in 2006 of a hotel and sports void in the region.

Anxious to get involved in economic redeployment and job creation in the region, they matured a sustainable project that began to take shape in 2012 and finally opened its doors in 2014.
From start to finish, their reflection is centered on two inseparable pillars:

  1. The almost exclusive partnership with local companies, whether for building rehabilitation work to turn it into a four-star hotel complex, but also for all suppliers ranging from crockery, household linen, furniture to fabrics furnishing. The goal is to make Naxhelet a real showcase of Belgian know-how.
  2. An environmental approach, with innovative practices and the development of a long-term vision, which translates through all the poles of this ambitious project:


  • Our 3 ponds have been built and connected together – filled with land drainage and rainwater – this water circulates and is connected to a pumping station which dispatches it to the golf course for watering, allowing us to operate in almost complete autonomy in terms of watering.
  • Our estate is equipped with a high-performance weather station linked to a watering program. Our objective ? Reasoned watering, only when necessary.
  • Our greens and fairways are sown with grasses to allow less irrigation
  • Our fairways do not require watering
  • We are qualified GEO (Our land being installed on fields previously cultivated organically, we made it a point of honor to make it an eco-responsible golf course from its creation)
  • The maintenance of our golf course is based on prevention rather than cure
  • We only use eco-responsible products and organic fertilizers
  • All our golf carts are 100% electric
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  • The Mithra Ladies Open is in the straight line of Naxhelet’s ecological commitment:
  • Serving of seasonal and local food and beverages
  • Environmental charter for the food trucks on site
  • Use of sorting bins
  • Ecological toilets
  • Reusable cups
  • Overall sorting awareness


  • It has been entirely designed to have the least possible impact on the environment.
  • The insulation of the buildings was completely redone in 2014 to reduce heat loss
  • We use solar thermal energy to provide hot water for sanitary facilities
  • Our photovoltaic panels cover half of the estate’s energy consumption
  • We are equipped with heat pumps that take calories from pond water
  • The recovery of rainwater allows us to reduce our water consumption and enhance a natural resource, among other things used for our toilets.
  • We have an in-house wastewater treatment plant to manage wastewater treatment
  • Our rooms are equipped with systems that cut off the ventilation when a window is open
  • All cleaning products used in the complex are eco-labelled
  • The lighting is regulated by home automation and is based on sunrise and sunset
  • All documents are printed on recycled paper
  • We have 7 charging stations for electric cars
  • In 2019, we carried out an audit with SMART2CIRCLE in order to calculate Naxhelet’s carbon footprint, but above all to commit to reducing it each year.
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  • We work as much as possible with local producers
  • We also have greenhouses and have our own market gardening
  • We favor the use of seasonal products
  • We are very proud to offer our customers a wide range of Belgian wines and gins
  • We focus on the ultra-short circuit: our breads and pastries come from the Champain bakery, located at the entrance to the estate and whose flour is made exclusively from cereals produced on our farms.
  • The eggs for breakfast come from our chicken coop, visible from the restaurant
  • Our green waste serves as food for our hens
  • We ask our suppliers to minimize packaging
  • We work with local brewers and we push the approach to replace a world-famous brand of sodas with a local and less sweet brand, Richie Cola.
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  • We have developed the Naxica massage oil, resulting from a collaboration between the Val Notre-Dame organic farm which produces organic rapeseed close to Naxhelet and the Namur company Evasica – Seasonal cosmetics. With the creation of this oil, we are going one step further in the synergies that we are putting in place between the farm and the Naxhelet to promote ultra-short circuits and the promotion of local organic products.
  • For treatments, we also work with two brands with strong ecological commitments: Thalgo and Ella Bashé
  • In season, we offer all our customers fresh organic and local fruit juices
  • The slippers that we offer to our customers are made in France, and can be reused at home
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  • All our producers and service providers are local
  • Supplies are eco-conscious (e.g. notepads are made from recycled paper)
  • All the drinks offered are local, Belgian, organic
  • We offer our customers a wide range of activities and formulas, organized to design a tailor-made residential experience that highlights the assets of our beautiful region, while enjoying an inspiring natural setting.
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